Abroma Augusta – Medicinal Plant in India

Abroma augusta
Abroma augusta Linn.
(Ulat kambal)
Common Name
Ulat kambal
Devil’s cotton
Olat Kambal

        It is mostly found in the hotter parts of India. It has showy, deep scarlet flowers. Root bark is used for medicinal purposes. It is popular in the indigenous system as a good emmenagogue, and in the congestive and neuralgic variety of dysmenorrhoea. It has also proved to be an effective medicine for diabetes mellitus & inspidus.

Homoeopathic uses

        Fragmentary provings were conducted by Dr. D.N. Ray of Calcutta in 1919 and Dr. Jugal Kishore of New Delhi in 1972. It has been subsequently proved by CCRH and has shown its affinity for female reproductive organs producing symptoma of dysmeSnorrhoea and leucorrhoea, which have been confirmed during verification trials too.

       Diabetes mellitus – Urine profuse < at night and of high specific gravity. Excessive thirst with dryness of mouth. Patient suffers from insomnia and prostration, and patient is averse to do any physical and intellectual labour. Mentally patient is of irritable nature, forgetful and morose.

       Dysmenorrhoea – Colicky pains in lower abdomen. Menses are irregular, lasting for short or long time. Blood is dark and clotted.

       Bronchitis – Pain in chest and sides on coughing. Cough < in the evening and during night. Respiration is rapid & expectoration white.